Radio Syndication

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The world of Talk Radio on traditional, that is terrestrial radio, is going through huge changes allowing for opportunities to nationally syndicate your talk show. As more and more younger people are abandoning FM radio for their iPods and Internet Radio many FM stations are dropping music in favor of Talk Radio. This means that there will be many AM stations left "holding the bag." Broadcasting has already changed, to a degree, and will continue to become more of a narrowcasting service and, thus, more programming will be needed.

GABradio, and its affiliated companies, have served terrestrial broadcasters by providing professional radio Talk Show syndication services for over 12 years. We were in the business of radio - actually providing services to well known talk hosts like Bruce Williams, Ray Lucia, and many others - well before most of our online radio competitors were providing services. We provide satellite distribution, technical services, radio station affiliate relations services and much more. Please contact us for more information.

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